chicken house

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poultry house

A place for housing fowl; once considered essential on most rural houses, farms, or estates before refrigerators because this provided a source of fresh eggs and freshly killed meat; also See dovecote.
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Dan gave Barry Cunningham the thumbs up, the Chicken House boss secured the blessing of the movie people - still buoyed, perhaps, by their success in attracting a star of Samuel L Jackson's magnitude to the project - and then Dan started to tweak the screenplay.
The Puerto Ricans who worshiped in the chicken house are now in the main church.
The father follows the farmer and accomodates himself in the chicken house.
He was always poised behind the chicken house door waiting for me to arrive, and would leap out like the demented beast he was, hoping I would spill all the feed right in front of him.
Charles commissioned a master craftsman, Richard Craven, to make the chicken house and even insisted he use durable stainless steel nails.
Byline: HEAD OVER HEART by Colette Victor Chicken House.
99 pbk); Chicken House A Mirrorworld 2 Fearless Cornelia Funke ($17.
Agents including Oli Munson of AM Heath, Julia Churchill of The Greenhouse and Juliet Mushens of The Agents Group, and publishers including Barry Cunningham of Chicken House, will be among those attending.
Janet Foxley's MUNCLE TROGG is already on its way to become a much loved children's classic book around the world, and we are so delighted that Sony Pictures Animation is set to develop the little giant into a magical movie character too," said Barry Cunningham OBE, Chicken House Publisher and Head of Chicken House Entertainment.
Check your own chicken house and if you see the little red blighters, don't hesitate to ask your vet or local farm suppliers for advice.
The 500-acre Chicken House Fire near Dayville in Grant County was 90 percent contained, according to the Northwest Interagency Coordination Center.