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(1) (Canadian Standards Association, Toronto, Ontario, www.csa.ca) A standards-defining organization founded in 1919. It is involved in many industries, including electronics, communications and information technology.

(2) (Client Server Architecture) See client/server.

(3) (CallPath Services Architecture) An IBM standard that integrates applications with the telephone system, designed for use with AT&T, Northern Telecom and other PBX vendors.

(4) See carrier serving area.

Canadian Standards Association

In Canada, a membership organization serving industry, educational institutions, and government in the field of standardization, including the standardization of building components, materials, and testing. Also see Construction Specifications Institute Canada.
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Ultimately, the responsibility for paying child maintenance rests with the non-resident parent, but the Child Support Agency has to do its job too in collecting debts and enforcing payment.
It is very hard to hide from the child support system, and the child support agency has the ability to act on a case even if the noncustodial parent does not show up in court.
Child Support Agency bosses questioned Divers over what he was paying to his former wife and called in police after discovering apparent discrepancies.
Mr Darling said the Government would introduce a new offence of supplying incorrect information to the Child Support Agency with the intention of avoiding payment of maintenance.
A spokesperson for the Child Support Agency said: "We're taking steps to ensure Ms Cartwright's child maintenance payments resume promptly.
The Child Support Agency later launched an investigation after the results were negative and the child's mother insisted only Owen could be the father.
The backlash came after a constituent claimed she made up to 40 requests to see the MP over issues with the Child Support Agency but was told there was no need to speak to him.
Absent parents are ordered to make maintenance payments through the Child Support Agency.
THE Child Support Agency has a long and troubled history of failings and it would appear that it is still not delivering the goods as it should.
Other measures included in the speech include the abolition of the troubled Child Support Agency, controversial reforms of the incapacity benefit system and a Road Traffic Bill which brings a national road pricing scheme a step closer today.
The Child Support Agency is one of the most loathed institutions in Britain, and today's damning National Audit Office report will only damage its reputation further.
Communicating with this population helps the child support agency to identify obligors with orders that qualify for downward modification or closure, and to clean up complicated cases.

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