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(1) (Canadian Standards Association, Toronto, Ontario, www.csa.ca) A standards-defining organization founded in 1919. It is involved in many industries, including electronics, communications and information technology.

(2) (Client Server Architecture) See client/server.

(3) (CallPath Services Architecture) An IBM standard that integrates applications with the telephone system, designed for use with AT&T, Northern Telecom and other PBX vendors.

(4) See carrier serving area.

Canadian Standards Association

In Canada, a membership organization serving industry, educational institutions, and government in the field of standardization, including the standardization of building components, materials, and testing. Also see Construction Specifications Institute Canada.
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Accordingly, the Child Support Agency will use only 80 per cent or pounds 400 of his income for assessment purposes.
But, about five years ago, Mr Edwards, a carpenter and joiner who lives in Chapelfields, was told by the court that payments would be taken over by the new Child Support Agency, which would contact him.
If the Child Support Agency took money from those fathers and passed it on to their abandoned families, it would be doing what it should.
He said: "The total amount of debt facing the Northern Ireland Child Support Agency is pounds 58.
The Child Support Agency admitted it made a mistake.
ChildLine fundraiser Sandra Harding said: "We are hugely grateful to staff at the Child Support Agency for their fantastic fundraising efforts.
Sue Stagg of the Child Support Agency said prison sentences in non-payment cases were extremely rare, but the man had been given ample time to pay by the courts.
Goldie, 32, was ordered by the Child Support Agency to pay Marcia pounds 40.
OBVIOUSLY there are huge problems with the Child Support Agency that need to be addressed, however nobody takes a moment to think of the people who work there.
IT IS definitely time that the Child Support Agency was scrapped.
CAN anyone explain how the Child Support Agency calculates maintenance payments?
Absent parents who owe millions of pounds in maintenance payments are to be targeted under a new Child Support Agency crackdown.

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