Children's Crusade

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Children's Crusade:

see CrusadesCrusades
, series of wars undertaken by European Christians between the 11th and 14th cent. to recover the Holy Land from the Muslims. First Crusade

In the 7th cent., Jerusalem was taken by the caliph Umar.
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You feel, closing The Children's Crusade, that you've been spying on the family down the street and know a few too many of their secrets.
Scholastic: Civil rights leaders organized the Children's Crusade at the 16th Street Baptist Church.
Schweinitz analyzes newspaper reports on Emmett Till, school desegregation, and the Children's Crusade in order to argue that the press on civil rights employed "widespread beliefs about childhood and ideas about children's rights" (103).
Chapter 4 concentrates its attention on the famous Children's Crusade of 1212.
Some of the summaries are slightly misleading because of their brevity, such as the part on the Children's Crusade but, on the whole, he has succeeded amazingly well.
A teenager goes back in time and ends up in the Dark Ages, where he is rescued from bandits by a children's crusade on their way to Jerusalem.
Some may remember the event from parental readings of popular children's stories such as Jerusalem and the Crusades (1913), Joan's Crusade (1947), The Children's Crusade (1958), An Army of Children (1978) and The Scarlet Cross (2006)--a small selection from a significant body of literature.
This scandal is the subject of a fast-paced novel, The Children's Crusade by Eugene Bianchi, ex-Jesuit and emeritus professor of religion at Atlanta's Emory University.
The Rhode Island Children's Crusade for Higher Education has a new name and mission.
Three very different youngsters in medieval France--a Jewish university student, a shepherd boy who feels chosen to lead the Children's Crusade, and a girl who is one of the few survivors from the massacres of Cathars (a breakaway Christian group hated by the established Church)--each is drawn into the tragic Crusade.
It tells of the Children's Crusade, in 1212, when a shepherd had a vision that inspired thousands of young people across France and Germany to walk to Jerusalem to convince the Moslems there of Christ's love.
The first, "In the Machine," is a ghost story set at the height of the industrial revolution; the second, "The Children's Crusade," is a contemporary crime thriller about a kids' terrorist ring; and the third, "Like Beauty," is an interspecies romance circa 2150 between a lizard lady and a male robot who traffics in homoerotic S/M fantasies.

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