Children's Crusade

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Children's Crusade:

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, series of wars undertaken by European Christians between the 11th and 14th cent. to recover the Holy Land from the Muslims. First Crusade

In the 7th cent., Jerusalem was taken by the caliph Umar.
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You feel, closing The Children's Crusade, that you've been spying on the family down the street and know a few too many of their secrets.
The Children's Crusade is about, among other topics, whether we enjoy our children, even when they grow up into adults whose company we might not otherwise accept.
Scholastic recently spoke with Carolyn McKinstry, who is 65, about the upcoming 50th anniversary of what is now known as the Birmingham Children's Crusade.
In 1969 he published Slaughterhouse-Five; or, The Children's Crusade, a Duty-Dance with Death.
Two late works for children's voices warrant particular attention here: the semi-staged dramatic work The Golden Vanity, written for the Vienna Boys Choir in 1966, and Children's Crusade, a very complicated choral piece written for the Wandsworth Boys Choir in 1969.
It's more like the Children's Crusade, doomed to failure.
Schweinitz closely examines the Children's Crusade for Children, the American Youth Commission, and popular deliberations about juvenile delinquency in order to contextualize the significance of Brown.
Bevel was Martin Luther King's most influential collaborator and was largely responsible for the Children's Crusade, the March to Selma, and the Chicago Freedom Movement.
Chapter 4 concentrates its attention on the famous Children's Crusade of 1212.
This number depends by the source that is speaking about them since many times real events have been mixed with imaginary, completely fictitious events connected to the Children's Crusade war.
Some of the summaries are slightly misleading because of their brevity, such as the part on the Children's Crusade but, on the whole, he has succeeded amazingly well.
A teenager goes back in time and ends up in the Dark Ages, where he is rescued from bandits by a children's crusade on their way to Jerusalem.

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