Children's Shelter

Children’s Shelter


a philanthropic institution for orphans and abandoned or homeless children.

In Russia, children’s shelters were first established in the 18th century at monasteries. The first secular shelter was founded by the patron of art P. G. Demidov in St. Petersburg in 1837 at the Demidov Home for the Care of Laborers. It provided day care for children of working mothers. Beginning in 1846, children were permitted to stay overnight, and later they were allowed to live continuously in the “orphans’ sections.” Most of the children’s shelters were administered by the Department of Institutions of Empress Mariia. Other children’s shelters were run by various philanthropic societies, individuals, and the government departments of ecclesiastical affairs and military affairs, as well as by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In the late 19th century, an elementary program of instruction was introduced at the children’s shelters, corresponding to the program in one-room rural schools. At a number of shelters, trade classes or trade schools were established. In 1891 infants’ shelters were instituted, and beginning at that time rural children’s shelters were established to train “thrifty peasants.”

The children’s shelters were funded primarily by charitable contributions, with the state treasury and urban and zemstvo (local self-government) institutions providing some sums as well. The shelters exploited the children’s labor; this was particularly so in the rural shelters. By 1917 there were 583 children’s shelters, with about 30,000 children, throughout Russia (within the boundaries of what is now the RSFSR). After the October Revolution of 1917, children’s homes were established for orphans, children who had lost contact with their parents, and children who needed the state’s aid and protection.

Various types of philanthropic institutions for children exist in many countries.

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By 1884, the LSPCC had found a house in Nile Street (close to Great George Street and Upper Parliament Street), which became its children's shelter.
After her discharge she returned to the children's shelter where she reportedly began exhibiting behavioural problems and kept running away.
A fire at a children's shelter has killed 19 and injured two dozen more in Guatemala on Wednesday.
Mayer children's shelter when the boys' biological parents dropped them off.
This heartfelt gift from CIBC Wood Gundy will go a long way in supporting our children's programs at the shelter," says Lisa Spinks-Smith, Development Manager of the Barrie Women and Children's shelter.
The bombing of their previous children's home led them here to an abandoned hotel, now a children's shelter.
Being active in the community through charitable and civic events also is a major part of the business, Buttram said, noting that over the past 15 years the florist has probably donated more than $500,000 in flowers to numerous events for such groups as the American Heart Association, the Northwest Arkansas Children's Shelter, the Mercy Health Foundation and the Boys & Girls Clubs.
The court heard that one of the sisters was so traumatised by what happened that she has twice tried to kill herself while being cared for at a women and children's shelter in Dubai.
Radford-based Global Care has supported children living at a residential children's shelter in Cambodia since 2006.
The state-run children's shelter in Reynosa, Mexico, just across the border from McAllen, has not received a Central American child yet in August, said coordinator Jose Guadalupe Villegas Garcia.
As part of the Bilateral Fund, the British High Commission donated 2,000 [pounds sterling] (N$35,776) to Hope Village, through the organisation "Orange Babies", which administers their finances and purchased furniture and other material for the children's shelter.
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