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The expansion of diphyllobothriasis-endemic areas in Chile may, in turn, facilitate the appearance of future outbreaks of this disease as the aquaculture industry expands to these new infested areas and the market for Chilean salmon enlarges worldwide.
A good disciple (and therefore a rebel), Bolano arrived at his own interpretation, one that is more pertinent to the tragic destiny of his beloved Chile (and, indeed, much of Latin America): And all the rest is laughter.
Some people on Capitol Hill are saying the Chile agreement is a model for the FTAA as if that is a good thing," Slevin says.
An authentic red curry powder usually contains coriander, cumin, chile pepper, red pepper and cardamom.
One person they want to question is Espinoza, who was convicted in Chile in 1995 of conspiring to assassinate Letelier.
It is urgent that we preserve biodiversity, old-growth forests and the natural beauty of Chile.
If she could unravel that unsavory, apparent paradox, she would get us closer to the roots of violence and stability in Chile and perhaps the rest of Latin America.
This study was supported by grant AI45452 from the National Institutes of Health and grant 1040155 from the Fondo Nacional de Desarrollo Cientifico y Tecnologico, Chile.
Chilean capital markets are very open and liquid, and they are more and more able to finance long-term projects," says David Goldstein, treasury vice president at ABN Amro Chile.
Sometimes in Mexico this dish is presented as a tribute to the Mexican flag, tonally highlighted by the green of the chile, the red of the pomegranate and the white of the creamed walnut sauce.
The documents show the United States was also fully aware of Operation Condor, a conspiracy by Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay to murder their political opponents around the world.
Operator and equity details for major crude oil assets in Chile.