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A warm, dry, descending wind in Tunisia, resembling the sirocco; in southern Algeria it is called chichili.


D.L. Abt. A language for systems programming, based on ALGOL 60 with extensions for structures and type declarations.

["CHILI, An Algorithmic Language for Systems Programming", CHI-1014, Chi Corp, Sep 1975]
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uk; 020 3051 8098) which offers an 11-day safari To Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge, Singita Pamushana, Amalinda and Somalisa from PS6,420pp.
Africa specialists The Ultimate Travel Company offer a two-week one-off departure with co-founder Nick Van Gruisen on September 1, visiting Victoria Falls, Hwange, Matopos Hills and Chilo Lodge from PS6,579 per person, all inclusive.
Guard Chilo Rachal has left the club and offensive tackle Gabe Cirimi has been benched.
There are some reports about damage borers (Scirpophaga excerptalis [16] and Chilo infuscatellus Snellen [25] at tillering stage on sugarcane.
Ruel spent five seasons at USC and coached some of the Trojans' top linemen of the past decade, including NFL first-round pick Sam Baker, along with second-round picks Winston Justice, Deuce Lutui, Chilo Rachal and Ryan Kalil.
theis Lepidoptera Yellow stem borer Scripophaga incertulas 14 11 (Walker) White stem borer Scripophaga innota (Walker) 12 13 Pink stem borer Sesamia inferens (Walker) 4 3 Stripped borer Chilo suppressalis (Walker) 3 2 Sorghumstemborer Chilo partellus (Swinhoe) 1 -- Leaf folder Cnaphalocrocis medinalis 5 4 (Guenee) Leaf folder Mythimna separata (Walker) 2 3 Homoptera Whitebacked Sogatella furcifera (Horvath) 7 9 planthopper Green leafhopper Nephotettix nigripictus (Stal.
The release also quoted Hadi Chilo Maree, another Iraqi journalist, who highlighted "I was near al-Khayiat when unidentified armed men opened fire targeting Saif al-Khayiat.
Role of silica in resistance to Asiatic rice borer Chilo suppressalis (Walker) in rice varieties.
In 1970, the striped rice borer, Chilo suppressalis (Walker), a pest insect that damages rice plants, was introduced into France on young rice plants imported from Spain (37).
And there are so many fine dishes to be revived: the succulent neck, the shoulder rolled around forcemeat, the cavalier's broil (with pickled mushrooms), the real Irish stew, the scrag stewed in onions, the kidneys in the ancient Oxford breakfast manner or sliced thin a la francaise, the slightly curried China chilo minced with pease and cucumber, the old mutton gravies, especially soubise, and cold mutton--which didn't mean cold in a lunchpail sandwich, but leftover cutlets dipped in egg and breadcrumbs and then fried.
7 Cecilia Stego Chilo has resigned from which European country's new cabinet after admitting she hadn't paid her TV licence fee for 16 years?
the Asiatic rice borer, Chilo suppressalis (Walker), in rice varieties.