Chimney breast

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Chimney breast

A projection into a room of the fireplace walls that form the front portion of the chimney stack.

chimney breast, chimney piece

A projection into a room of fireplace walls forming the front portion of the chimney stack.

parrel, chimney breast

A chimneypiece or the ornaments of a chimneypiece collectively.
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A recreation room has a mirror image chimney breast and wood burning stove, with patio doors to the outside.
The property has an attached garage The exposed chimney breast
In addition, is it possible to cut cubby holes into the chimney breast next to the opening?
These include an original fireplace and two storey character chimney breast, a wealth of original beams throughout the interior and some wonderful hand-made period doors.
If you have plaster to chisel off, or a bricked-up chimney breast to open up, there's no better drill for the job.
The living room was the obvious place for it as it features a big chimney breast that warms up and then acts as a massive radiator to the whole house.
Instead of covering the whole room just do one area, such as a chimney breast or one of the walls.
Crews used an aerial ladder platform to attack the fire from above and at roof level as the chimney breast was blocked.
A false chimney breast is the obvious clue to this type.
Above is the children's area, from where a secret stair in the chimney breast goes up to a roof terrace above the living area.
The sprawling home features a kitchen with slate floors, granite counters and an AGA cooker set in the original chimney breast.
Q A chimney breast in our semi was removed on the ground floor but not upstairs.