Chimney cap

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chimney cap

[′chim·nē ‚kap]
A cornice forming the uppermost portion of a chimney.
(civil engineering)
A rotary device fitted to a chimney and moved by the wind so that the chimney is turned away from the wind to permit the escape of smoke while rain or snow is prevented from entering the chimney.

Chimney cap

A cornice forming a crowning termination of a chimney.

chimney cap, bonnet

chimney cap with corbel, 1
chimney cap, 1
1.An abacus or cornice forming a crowning termination of a chimney.
2. A rotary device, moved by the wind, which facilitates the escape of smoke by turning the exit aperture away from the wind, preventing the entry of rain or snow and improving the draft.
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The chimney cap and flashing where the chimney is attached to the house should be thoroughly checked by a competent mason, and needed repairs should be made.
They manufacure chimney caps and gutter gaurds as well.
At Puerto Petro the pyramidal stone kitchen ventilator is an Utzon touch, but the chimney caps in concrete emulate the local detail of inclined slabs of limestone: local not just to the southeast part of the island, but to the immediate area around Santanyi.
The top few feet of the chimney, in many cases, may be loose, along with the chimney caps.
Bob and his staff at HomeSaver specialize in making chimneys safer through the production and sale of chimney liners, chimney caps and fireplace dampers, and are public education advocates for chimney safety.
After the animals are gone, be sure to put chimney caps on flues and close any other holes in the home.
Secret Garden Statuary works with Lucioni Arts, a new Master Builders' Association member, to provide quality custom design work such as concrete countertops, fireplace surrounds, balustrade, columns, door and window surrounds, post and chimney caps, paving stones and tiles, modular ponds and concrete fencing.