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Chimney pots, especially exact reproductions of those made in the 19th or early 20th centuries, may appear a strange pursuit for a contemporary artist, but Lucas has accepted these commissions for several reasons.
The Chimney Pot Oslo is a state-of-the-art post-production facility specialising in editing, sound design, telecine, special effects and motion graphics design for commercials, feature films, shorts and TV productions.
Here you'll statues, benches, tables, chimney pots, gates, and fireplaces.
Bricks and a chimney pot fell out at the front and back of the houses.
I don't know if it's the Coronation Street link or the fact people will be getting the chance to live in a brand new, unusual and exciting development for less than pounds 100,000, but Chimney Pot Park has really captured people's imaginations.
The acquisition of further shares in The Chimney Pot AB in January has brought Skanditek's holding to 40 per cent.
We both heard a whooshing noise and then what sounded like thunderclaps but it was the chimney pot bouncing off the roof.
A chimney pot became dislodged and I duly phoned Liverpool Victoria Insurance, who sent out a man the same day.
One of the focal points in one of the circles is a chimney pot, which she has planted up.
Tricia has decided to leave the village despite Marlon's efforts to woo her back, but when lightning strikes the Woolpack she is struck by a falling chimney pot.
Watch carefully as he works to see that a generously-sized brush appears at the top of your chimney pot and feel inside your fireplace, to check there is a free flow of air before lighting any fire.
GOLCAR: June 7: A crown top ornamental chimney pot was stolen from a garden.