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(chēmo͞o`), ancient civilization on the desert coast of N Peru. It is believed to have begun c.1200. The MocheMoche
or Mochica
, ancient Native American civilization on the coast of N Peru. Previously called Early Chimu (see Chimu), the Moche were warriors with a highly developed social and political organization.
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, an earlier civilization, was previously known as early Chimu or proto-Chimu. After the decline of the Moche (c.800), there was a long transition period about which relatively little is known except that it was probably influenced by TiahuanacoTiahuanaco
, ancient native ruin, W Bolivia, 34 mi (55 km) S of Lake Titicaca on the Tiahuanaco R. in the S central Andes, near the Peruvian border; also called Tiwanaku or Tiahuanacu.
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. The Chimu were urban dwellers and apparently had a powerful military and a complex, well-organized social system. They built many well-planned cities; the largest and most impressive was their capital, Chan ChanChan Chan
, ruins of an ancient city near Trujillo, N Peru. An early example of city planning, with a rectangular grid structure, it was probably begun in the period from A.D. 950 to 1400, and it is estimated that it may have contained as many as 200,000 people.
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. The Chimu exerted considerable influence on the Cuismancu empire, centered at ChancayChancay
, archaeological site in central Peru, center of the ancient Cuismancu empire. Culturally influenced by the Chimu, the Cuismancu dominated less territory and were not as powerful.
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. The last phases of Chimu civilization were contemporaneous with the rise of the IncaInca
, pre-Columbian empire, W South America. The name Inca may specifically refer to the emperor, but is generally used to mean the empire or the people. Extent and Organization of the Empire
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 empire, by which it was absorbed c.1460.


See J. A. Mason, Ancient Civilizations of Peru (1957, rev. ed. 1988); V. W. Wolfgang, The Desert Kingdoms of Peru (1965); E. P. Lanning, Peru before the Incas (1967).

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The 2 pieces of anthropomorphic pottery shown in Figure 3 also originated from the Chimu culture.
The host rock is a banded sandstone unit of the Chimu Formation which has been extensively fractured between the adjacent fault zones, resulting in a series of parallel, closely-spaced fractures resembling a stockwork texture.
Elaborate feather garments and headdresses clothed the mummies of Chimu royalty who were still occupying the north coast of Peru upon the arrival of the Spanish.
Cultures such as the Moche, Chimu, Paracas, and Nazca brought plants and animals, human images, and supernatural creatures to life in the form of painted ceramics, woven textiles, stone sculpture, and delicately wrought metalwork.
In addition, Ramirez reveals that principles of reciprocity and redistribution, shown to be so important in the south-central Andes, were also paramount in the coastal regions subject to the Chimu empire.
The trip, from May 3-17, will include four days of exploring sites of the Moche and Chimu cultures that preceded the Inca civilization; Cuzco and the ruins of Machu Picchu; and the royal tombs of Sipan.
Monumental architecture, pottery, masks, sculpture, textiles and jewelry are some of the art forms examined in this program highlighting the artistic accomplishments of the Nayarit, Colima, Maya, Aztec, Inca, Chimu and Moche.
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Instead of tackling one of the larger and better-known Andean polities, Vogel opts for the small-scale, in this case the Casma polity (AD 900-1300) on the north-central coast of modern Peru, a polity that was chronologically sandwiched between the powerful Ichma (AD 1100-1440) polity to the south and by the emergent Chimu state to the north (AD 900-1470).
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