China Camp State Park

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China Camp State Park

Location:4 miles east of San Rafael, off US 101 on North San Pedro Road.
Facilities:30 walk-in tent campsites, showers, restrooms, 25 developed picnic sites and a group picnic area, hiking trails (15 miles), horseback trails, bike trails, visitor center, exhibits, food service (é).
Activities:Camping, fishing, hiking, boating (small boats only), water-skiing, windsurfing, bicycling, horseback riding, wildlife viewing, guided tours.
Special Features:Park includes the historic remains of Chinese immigrants' shrimp fishing village from the 1880s. The property is a natural watershed along the shores of San Francisco Bay with an extensive inter-tidal ecosystem, as well as salt marsh, meadow, and oak wood habitats which support a wide variety of wildlife. The area has some of the best weather in the San Francisco Bay area, with an average of more than 200 fog-free days per year.
Address:c/o North Bay District Office
PO Box 123
Duncan Mills, CA 95430

Size: 1,514 acres.

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You can revel in the scenery at Mount Tamalpais or China Camp State Park or enjoy local culture at Marin Symphony or Art Works Downtown.
In what is known as China Camp, the migrants - who have to use disgusting communal toilets - said they were also forced to drink salty water.
1) Costa (2) China Camp State Park, Marin 1/143 (0.
In a separate statement, the Ministry of Defence said three Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers were injured when their vehicle hit a roadside bomb in China Camp area of Zherai district of Kandahar province.
The Romanian coach was part of the delegation that took part in the World Junior Championship in Colombia last year in December, which was followed by the China camp later in the same month, and then the Top 10 European Championship in January.
And, on the last day of the conference, participants went on four field trips: (1) China Camp and the shrimp junk Grace Quart with John Muir of the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, (2) the town of Locke with the assistance of the Locke Management Association, (3) the National Archives and Records Administration Regional Facility in San Bruno with Archives Director Daniel Nealand, and (4) San Francisco Chinatown with historian Philip Choy.
In California, from China Camp near San Francisco down to Imperial Beach on the Mexican border, September's stretch of summer is like a perfectly formed wave that is just cresting.
There's also a flat-top model, a China Camp cowboy action gun in rust-resistant "Silver Steel" finish, and new Victorian era-inspired Omni Series guns with bird-shead grips.
Both of them lived up to their part of the bargain and now, after a long day shooting at End Of Trail, Prairie Weet and China Camp can be spotted on the dance floor of the saloon kicking up their heels.
The venue's restaurants -- the Grove Steakhouse, Harvest Buffet, Sunrise Diner, Mezz Deli & Lounge, and China Camp Express -- offer a tempting variety of food and dining experiences.
BEIJING, April 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- On April 13, the eight-day First China Camp Education Conference held in Beijing has come to an end.
Today you can tour a small museum at quiet China Camp Village on the beach or picnic on the grassy bluffs, imagining the bustle of long ago as you gaze at the East Bay's golden hills.

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