China Incident

China Incident:

see Sino-Japanese War, SecondSino-Japanese War, Second,
1937–45, conflict between Japanese and Chinese forces for control of the Chinese mainland. The war sapped the Nationalist government's strength while allowing the Communists to gain control over large areas through organization of guerrilla units.
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UCLA suspended LiAngelo and the two other Bruins players as punishment for the China incident.
Summary: Washington DC [USA], Nov 23 (ANI): LaVar Ball should thank President Donald Trump for helping son in China incident, says rapper Master P.
Washington DC [USA], Nov 23 ( ANI ): LaVar Ball should thank President Donald Trump for helping son in China incident, says rapper Master P.
Looking at such things as the influence of the China incident, USPhilippine trade negotiations etc.
Bush foreign policy--the China incident aside--looks like a smashmouth approach to global relations.
In the April 13 Public Forum regarding the China incident, the letter by Albert Obregon suggests that we were caught with our fingers in the cookie jar, and a second letter, by John Smart, criticizes us for groveling in our negotiations with China.
The Institute had to find ways of dealing with the Manchurian Incident (1931), Japan's withdrawal from the League of Nations (1933), the China Incident (1937), and then the Pacific War (1941-45).
And I don't know if you remember the incident--February 14, 1968, the China Incident.
His acquiescence with the decisions of starting the Manchuria crisis, the China incident, and the Pacific war appeared as patriotic as his "courageous imperial decision" to end the war in 1945 (125).
In the China incident, which fortunately did not result in deaths, the students barricaded themselves in classrooms and hid during the attack.
They would agree that the Sino-Japanese and Russo-Japanese wars were undertaken in self-defense and, furthermore, had positive effects on anticolonial struggles in China and India, but they argue that the subsequent annexation of Korea and the various China incidents were the work of runaway militarists who distorted the defensive/emancipatory agenda.

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