China white

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silver white

1. Any white pigment used in paints.
2. A very pure variety of white lead; French white, China white.
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He had boasted about his supply of China White heroin, saying: "Not many people sell this.
Table 3: China White Milk Consumption, 2006-2011 (Volume M Litres)
Last year, the Sunday Mail told how Docherty raked in around pounds 1500 a day selling China White, which is unpolluted by other substances.
Wills wants to round off the celebrations in nightspots China White and Attica.
He rakes in around pounds 1500 a day selling a lethal type of heroin known as China White.
The posh dance teacher met Adee, who appeared in the reality show The Salon, at celebrity haunt China white in London.
The trio were told where to go when they sat uninvited at a dashing Irishman's VIP table at London's China White on Wednesday night.
Painstakingly hand-plucked only a few days each year -- right before the leaf opens -- these pure China white buds are greatly prized.
Formerly China White, the Bath Street venue has been added to the G1 Group's chain of venues and they're confident their local expertise can turn the club around.
The 32-year-old reformed drug addict was arrested last week accused of stealing mobile phones in trendy London nightclub China White.
The contract specifies Western Hemisphere White Shrimp, but also provides price protection for users of other popular shrimp species such as China White.

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