China white

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silver white

1. Any white pigment used in paints.
2. A very pure variety of white lead; French white, China white.
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Hef and his seven girlfriends had been on a 10 day tour of Europe with my boss and we organised his London birthday celebrations at China White, with a guest list from Jade Jagger to Jordan.
CHINA White china is fantastically versatile as simply by adding different accessories you can create different looks - from contemporary to rustic or classic.
He told the Post in August it would be modelled on the concept of London's China White, with low-level bed seating and opiumstyle tables.
to the exotic and delicate rarity of China Jasmine and China White teas.
CHRISTCHURCH-BASED gelding China White has had a busy Christmas - but it has been anything but a holiday.
Hereafter cited as 2006 China White Paper and 2004 China White Paper.
Nightclub operators Keith Williams and Mark Jones are hoping to model Mechu on the legendary London club China White, which only accepts newcomers who are recommended by current members.
Street names include: smack, junk, brown, china white, skag, H, scat, horse, Mexican brown, gear, dark, lady, white girl, black tar, brown sugar, goods, junk, Harry.
Elegance came in the form of the beautifully packaged teas from Happy Elephant, featuring centuries-old Indian designs and worldly flavors like Honey Ricola, Tamarind Green and Cranberry Lime Green Tea and GlobeTrends' Harrisons & Crosfield English, which featured the delicate flavors of China White with Orange and Mango and China White with Pear and Pineapple.
He said: ``In 1999 we opened Baby Blue in trying to create an exclusive club to rival venues like China White and the Mood Bar in London.
Malt Soda also put out a live China White CD, Live Cheap.
With all the press recently surrounding Prince Harry's smooch with Page 3 stunner Lauren Pope in London nightclub China White, The Sun newspaper thought it would be funny to bring him into Stringfellows.

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