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kissing bug:

see assassin bugassassin bug,
common name for members of the family Reduviidae, one of the largest and most varied groups belonging to the order Hemiptera (suborder Heteroptera). Assassin bugs are generally brownish to black, medium-sized to large insects, with heads that are elongate and
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At least 2,000 years before the ancient Egyptians began mummifying their pharaohs, a hunter-gatherer people called the Chinchorro living along the coast of modern-day Chile and Peru developed elaborate methods to mummify not just elites, but the ordinary as well--men, women, children, even fetuses.
Finally, the mummy was covered with a paste, the color of which archaeologists assign to different epochs in the more than 3,000 years of Chinchorro mummy-making: black made from manganese was used in the oldest; red made from ocher was employed in later examples; and brown mud was applied to the most recent finds.
Unlike mummies in later civilizations, most notably Egypt that flourished for 2,500 years beginning 3,000 BC, that spun around prestige, wealth and power, Chinchorro mummification was based on a democratic and humanistic view of the dead, and everyone was mummified.
The Chinchorro are the mavericks of the Andean world," says Renato Aguirre, a general surgeon and Arica local historian who has written a book on the history of his town.
Gonad behavior during peak reproduction period of Strombus gigas from Banco Chinchorro.
For Chinchorro Bank, de Jesus-Navarrete and Aldana-Aranda (2000) found a high percentage (89%) of larvae of early stages I and II (244-780 [micro]m) indicating that Chinchorro and Alacranes are important sources of S.
He and his colleagues have observed this species in San Salvador, Abaco, New Providence, Grand Bahama and Cat Island in the Bahama Islands; Chinchorro Bank off eastern Yucatan (Quintana Roo); and Terneffe, Glovers and Lighthouse reefs off Belize.
Chinchorro culture consists of fishermen villages located in the coast of Atacama desert, from Ilo in Peru in the north to Antofagasta in the south between 7020 BC and 1500 BC.
2) Aaron Deter-Wolf & Carol Diaz-Granados, Drawing with Great Needles xi-xii (2013) ("A Chinchorro mummy from Chile dated to 6000 BC exhibits a 'mustache' tattoo on its upper lip, while still other instances of .