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We'll have a really big meal in the evening and watch the Chinese New Year's Evening Gala on TV," a must-do for all Chinese families around the world.
Traditionally, houses are cleaned and decorated in the days before Chinese New Year and red envelopes (hong bao) containing money are passed out on Chinese New Year's Eve by senior members of the family to visiting children.
No work is meant to be done on Chinese New Year's Day.
She receives 12 percent commissions on entry fees of reportedly as much as one million dollars from participants in the annual Chinese New Year's Parade.
Traditionally on Chinese New Year's day, you don't cook,'' notes Tsai, adding that his family made hundreds of dumplings - pork, shrimp, garlic chive - on the eve of the holiday that were boiled, steamed or pan-fried the next day.
Having an argument on Chinese New Year's Day must be avoided at all costs and do not use words related to sickness and death.
LOS ANGELES -- Los Angeles based online tour supplier, Tours4Fun, is launching a new spread of tours to celebrate Chinese New Year's.
On Chinese New Year's Eve, families come together to enjoy a delicious feast, which bears such importance that if a family member can not attend, an empty seat is kept to symbolize their presence.
From $1,599, travelers can savor five complimentary breakfasts, Chinese New Year's Eve dinner, tickets to the Chinese New Year Parade and fireworks display, tour of New Year's Eve Flower Market Carnival, half-day tour of Hong Kong Island, Meet the People program, airport transfers, plus city maps and guides.
More children's events include workshops on paper lanterns and cotton-trimmed lamb masks, with free fortune cookies and traditional Chinese New Year's lucky red envelopes filled with coupons for food and fun at the zoo.
Through its exclusive LIVE online broadcast of the CCTV (China Central Television) Chinese New Year's Gala and Celebration from Beijing this weekend, MediaZone again demonstrates the power of Social TV to bring global audiences both the content they desire and the means to actively engage with that content.

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