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hard, white, translucent pottery with soft glazeglaze,
translucent layer that coats pottery to give the surface a finish or afford a ground for decorative painting. Glazes—transparent, white, or colored—are fired on the clay.
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, known as porcelainporcelain
[Ital. porcellana], white, hard, permanent, nonporous pottery having translucence which is resonant when struck. Porcelain was first made by the Chinese to withstand the great heat generated in certain parts of their kilns.
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. It originated in China but is now produced in various countries. Its composition is of kaolin and petuntse.
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In addition to the Williamson Collection, a selection of Chinese ceramics from Hormuz Island was also collated by German scholar Ulrich Wiesner; he published six sherds, which were similar blue and white porcelain (Wiesner 1979: figs 6 & 7).
The show also includes Chinese ceramics, sculpture and metalwork.
The 300 lots include works by modern artists including Gary Hume, Robert Rauschenberg and Lucian Freud, a selection of maritime and sporting paintings and office knickknacks -- antique tea caddies, model boats, cigar boxes, bronze animals and Chinese ceramics.
Some 60,000 unique pieces of Chinese ceramics along with motifs that are popular in Arabia were found.
Catherine Hunt, who is from Cheltenham, is Gloucestershire's leading expert in antique Chinese ceramics and she will be exhibiting a range of unique and rare pieces at the Westonbirt fair.
Clouds, ribbons, and peonies attest to the lasting influence of ancient Chinese ceramics.
The current exhibit, "Lasting Legacies," features everything from Chinese ceramics to Korean drawings to black-and-white photographs by Northwest artists and is a great introduction to the museum's collection.
His Asian flair is already evident in stunning vintage Japanese silk scarves and bags, kiddie kimonos and gorgeous Chinese ceramics in blue and white or Blanc de Chine.
They range from William Powell Frith's famous painting The New Frock to Wedgwood, to embroideries, Chinese ceramics, works on paper, furniture and portrait miniatures.
It features an exhibition showcasing Chinese ceramics and a musical concert marking the legendary Silk Road.
Experts on Chinese ceramics identify and categorize pieces by looking at the marks on the undersides of works.
Designs for Turkish ceramics were often influenced by illuminated manuscripts and textiles and by Chinese ceramics, especially blue-and-white ware.

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