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South Korea: see JinhaeJinhae
or Chinhae
, city (1993 pop. 125,997), South Gyeongsang (Kyongsang) prov., SE South Korea, on the Korea Strait. It is an important fishing port and naval base, with fertilizer and thermoplastic resin industries.
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a city and port in South Korea, in Kyongsang-namdo (South Kyongsang Province), on Chinhae Bay of the Korea Strait. Population, approximately 100,000. Chinhae is a transportation junction and an important center of the chemical industry. Other economic activities include fishing, food processing, and the production of consumer goods.

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Presolicitation: Design-bid-build for backyard fence replacement and exterior living space improvement at all housing areas at commander fleet activities chinhae (cfac) republic of korea (rok)
Ian Henry from NAVSUP FLC Yokosuka Site Chinhae reports on the actions of one of his Logistics Support Representatives (LSR), and Lt.
The 618th D CAS/DENTAC Korea also helped other branches of service by visiting the Chinhae Naval Base to provide dental readiness for sailors.
Army Signal Corps initiated projects to fortify and establish mountaintop microwave relay radio sites to improve and expand backbone communications from the Demilitarized Zone in the north to United Nations Command and United States Forces Korea elements operating as far south as Chinhae and Busan.
Those small, but significant things include anything from efficient bus service to environmental stewardship; from the best military police to our award-winning ire department; from inter-service cooperation with the Marines at Mujuk and the Navy at Chinhae, to the signed MOUs (memorandums of understanding) and MOAs (memorandums of agreement) with our Korean hosts; from excellent relations with our neighbors around Area IV, to our comrades here in Daegu at Team 19, the 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command.
Pier 8, located in Busan is the primary seaport, but operations are conducted at ROK commercial and military ports such as Pohang, Chinhae, Mokpo and Gwangyang.
Facilities at Deagu, Chinhae, and Pusan will function as a logistics and storage center.
Tsutsugamushi disease in Chinhae area confirmed by serology [in Korean].
Sailors at the Naval Facilities Engineering Command's Far East public works department have completed five solar projects at Fleet Activities in Chinhae, South Korea.
It has a large area of responsibility (AOR) and provides such a wide variety of services that the excellence recognized by the CITE award is a recognition of the NCTS Far East entire team of more than 800 personnel serving in outlying sites in Misawa, Sasebo, Okinawa and Kami Seya, Japan, Chinhae, Korea, and the Naval Air Facility Atsugi, Japan.