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, Native North Americans of the Southwest composed of six culturally related groups. They speak a language that has various dialects and belongs to the Athabascan branch of the Nadene linguistic stock (see Native American languages), and their ancestors entered the area
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The Chiricahua Apaches were very mobile and it is rare to find any evidence of their temporary camps.
In 1886, General Nelson Miles decided the only way to secure peace was to remove all Chiricahua Apaches from Arizona, and the government transferred 382 Indians from San Carlos to Fort Marion, Florida.
colonization sought the conquest and "deculturalization" of the Chiricahua Apaches for economic, political, and religious reasons, Henrietta Stockel focuses in this study on the religious.
He and his band of about 500 Chiricahua Apache were the last American Indians to resist the U.
Named after the Chiricahua Apaches, who called it the "Land of Standing Up Rocks" (English translation), the monument's most dramatic characteristic is its hoodoos, spires, columns, and balanced rocks formed from volcanic eruptions and erosion millions of years ago.
Sladen was aide-de-camp to General Oliver Otis Howard in the small party that entered the stronghold of legendary Chiricahua Apache chief Cochise in the foothills of Arizona's Dragoon Mountains; their purpose was to end the 12-year war between the tribe and the US government.
At the Denver Botanic Gardens, more than 20 bronze works created by American sculptor Allan Houser (Warm Springs Chiricahua Apache, 1914-1994) will highlight the magnificent 23-acre gardens (www.
Chiricahua Apache enduring power; Naiche's puberty ceremony paintings.
13, 2011, this outdoor show on the Denver Botanic Garden grounds features more than 20 bronze works created by American modernist Allan Houser (Warm Springs Chiricahua Apache, 1914-1994).
By ignoring this agreement and denying our tribe the right to conduct gaming on its only reservation, the NIGC has once again broken a promise made by the United States to the Chiricahua Apaches," said Jeff Haozous, Fort Sill Apache Tribal Chairman.
Some of the ones I enjoyed the most were about Native American culture, which Kaz has studied for many years, specializing in the Chiricahua Apaches, the tribe Kaz admires the most because they were the last free Americans.