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NAGOYA - An Indonesian resident in Chiryu, Aichi Prefecture, was served with a fresh arrest warrant Thursday on suspicion of running a banking operation without a license, police said.
If there is any question of the company's bona fides in relation to the work that it is doing in the auto industry, this should dispel it: According to company information, 64% of the lathes used by Toyota in Japan are from Fuji (the parent company is based in Chiryu City, Japan), and apparently there is a good working relationship between engineers from both companies such that there are mutually beneficial developments, developments that eventually make their way into commercial availability.
The 14 Nepalese women allegedly worked in barber shops in Okazaki and Chiryu in the prefecture, the police and the immigration bureau said.
of Chiryu, Japan, was established in 1970 and is the leading manufacturer of high-performance, high-volume equipment for SMT assembly of printed circuit boards.