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And I wrote this sentence: "Author Carina Chocano argues that people such as my friend Sue -- at least she was still my friend as of this morning -- are actually opposed to human emotion and intellectual reason.
The DIRECTV Documentary Feature Competition jury was comprised of the 2010 LA Film Fest Grand Jury award-winning director Clay Tweel (Make Believe), award-winning producer Lesley Chilcott (Waiting For Superman, An Inconvenient Truth), and New York Times contributing culture writer and former film and television critic Carina Chocano.
Llorens Amico, Jose Antonio, and Rodrigo Chocano Paredes.
There's been dramatic growth in futures over the past decade as hedge funds, pensions and other institutional investors increasingly utilise a variety of hedging and trading strategies," said Gonzalo Chocano, co-head of Global Futures and Derivatives Clearing Services.
Review by: Carina Chocano Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Kate Hudson, Alexis Dziena, Ray Winstone and Donald Sutherland.
Goodluck, Helen; Terzi, Arhonto; and Chocano Diaz, Gema (2001).
Jose Jimenez Chocano, A Comparative Analysis of Wage Claims' Priority in Corporate Bankruptcy Procedures: Canada and Peru, University of Toronto.
Among the more vicious critics was Carino Chocano, of the Los Angeles Times, who called the film a "slow-moving orgy of lowbrow grandiosity that's as tedious as it is overblown and pretentious.
Alma America (1906; Soul of the Andes), by Jose Santos Chocano, is the masterpiece of novomundismo, a poetic celebration of the New World in its geography and history and flora and fauna, which exerted an enormous influence throughout Latin America, including on Neruda's Canto general (1950)
In 1909, the Peruvian poet Jose Santos Chocano, considered the Walt Whitman of Spanish America, spoke on behalf of Central America's fledgling newspaper corps.
Manfredo Chocano, a researcher with the Centro de Investigaciones Economicas Nacionales (CIEN), generally approved reducing the write-off for IVA expenses but criticized the increased tax on exporters.