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see cherrycherry,
name for several species of trees or shrubs of the genus Prunus (a few are sometimes classed as Padus) of the family Rosaceae (rose family) and for their fruits.
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As a poem of observation, it's not that far from the out-of-doors of Gary Snyder, what with the bend in the river, and the chokecherries, mulberries and oaks, the coloring of night, the color of hay, scarlet trillium and blue blocks of ice--a good reading of a mountain scene.
The chokecherries wouldn't grind all that well through the meat chopper and so most of us suffered constipation because the berries were hard to digest but Oh
Timing is everything; many a would-be fruit picker has arrived at their favorite chokecherry tree only to find the early bird got the worm and all of the chokecherries too.
Chokecherries and how to buy a house in the big city.
Wild grapes have dried into nothing resembling raisins, and chokecherries always seem to collect mold (juicing these fruits, I think, is the way to go, although Indians ate a lot of dried chokecherry cakes).
Saskatoons, pin cherries, chokecherries, and gooseberries grew at the edge of woods where they ripened to perfection.
I made pemmican from dried moose meat, tallow and chokecherries and served up ducks and beaver.
The bend in the river followed us for days and above us the sun doubled and redoubled its claims Now we are in a house with forty-four walls and nothing but doors Outside the trees, chokecherries, mulberries and oaks are cracking like limbs We can do nothing but listen or so someone claims, the Ice Man perhaps, all enclosed in ice though the night has been shortening our days and coloring nights the yellow of hay, scarlet of trillium, blue of block ice Words appear, the texture of ice, with messages etched on their shells: Minna 1892, Big Max and Little Sarah, This hour ago everyone watched as the statues fell Enough of such phrases and we'll have a book Enough of such books and we'll have mountains of ice enough to balance our days with nights enough at last to close our eyes
I also have Stanley plums, some type of wild golden-peach plum, Mount Morency pie cherries, elderberries, wild chokecherries, concord grapes, and cranberries.
Pin cherries, chokecherries and fat, juicy saskatoons draped the hillsides.
There were wild strawberries in the meadowlands, then June berries, pin cherries, chokecherries, raspberries and blackberries, gooseberries, wild plums, grapes, blueberries and cranberries in the bog, then in the fall many people harvested nuts and wild rice.
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