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South Korea: see CheonanCheonan
or Chonan
, city (1995 pop. 330,509), South Chungcheong prov., W South Korea. It is a railroad hub and a mining and agricultural center. Nearby are the Seongbul and Hyeonchung temples, as well as many hot springs.
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a city in South Korea, in Chungchong-namdo (South Chungchong Province). Population, approximately 100,000. Chonan, an important transportation junction on the Seoul-Tae-jon-Pusan route, has textile and food-processing industries.

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Contract awarded for Chonan Technical High School purchased a desktop computer
The film was preceded by the popular Fuji television series, Chonan Gang (2001-2004), and larger cultural events like the 2002 World Cup held by Japan and South Korea.
Among the facilities that have achieved zero landfill status are feminine hygiene plants in Chonan, South Korea, Auburn, ME, Crailsheim, Germany, Budapest, Hungary, Pescara, Italy and Montornes, Spain as well as baby care sites in Cape Giradeau, MO, Eurskirchen, Germany and Jijona, Spain.
The next defensive line centered on Chonan, but the badly beaten ROKA's ability to halt the NKPA now depended upon the introduction of American combat troops.
Also on the card, Frankie Edgar (8-0) earned a unanimous decision over Spencer Fisher (21-4); Ed Herman (16-4) knocked out Joe Doerksen (39-11) in the third round; and Karo Parisyan (26-4) won a unanimous decision over Ryo Chonan (14-8).
39-4, Songjeong, Byongchung Chonan Chungnam 330-863 Korea
The first 46-inch TFT LCD sample was incubated in Samsung's fifth generation line in Chonan, Korea.
As Hafez asks the breeze in a famous ghazal, "Agar chonan ke dar an hazrat-at na bashad bar/bardye dideh biavar ghobari az dar-e dust"; "If you are not allowed in,/just bring for my eyes some dust for the friend's door.
The displays will be sourced from Samsung's plant in Chonan, South Korea.