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b) nonerosive, seronegative inflammatory polyarthritis, c) nasal chondritis, d) ocular inflammation, e) chondritis of respiratory system, and 0 audiovestibular damage.
1) In 1959, Meltzer and Kelemen described pseudomonal chondritis and osteomyelitis of the external auditory canal and temporal bone.
Auricular ossification has also been associated with inflammatory conditions such as chondritis, perichondritis, and syphilitic perichondritis, as well as with neoplasms such as nevi of the face, pilomatrixoma, and chondroid syringoma.
1,21) Special attention should be given to covering all exposed cartilage with mucosa to prevent the formation of granulation tissue and the development of chondritis.
Regardless of age, patients with relapsing polychondritis (systemic chondromalacia or polychondropathy) have at least one of eight progressively degenerative changes: (1) recurrent bilateral auricular chondritis, (2) inflammatory polyarthritis, (3) nasal chondritis, (4) ocular inflammation, (5) tracheal chondritis, (6) laryngeal chondritis, (7) cochlear damage, and (8) vestibular damage.