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Mg5(SiO4)2(F7OH)2 A monoclinic mineral of the humite group; has a resinous luster, is yellow-red in color, and occurs in contact-metamorphosed dolomites.



a mineral of the nesosilicate class, with the composition 2Mg2[SiO4]Mg(F, OH)2. Chondrodite contains admixtures of Fe2+ and Mn. It crystallizes in the monoclinic system, but well-formed crystals are rare. It is found in the form of grains embedded in rocks and in the form of granular aggregates. The color is orange, honey, yellow, or red-brown. The hardness on Mohs’ scale is 6.5, and the density is 3,250–3,300 kg/m3. Chondrodite is a typical mineral of contact metasomatic formations. It is widespread in magnesian skarns in association with olivine, diopside, magnetite, and other minerals. It has also been found in calciphyres and carbonatites.

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