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Over the coming weeks researchers will be asking leading choral organisations their views on whether the TV-driven popularity of choral singing is a blip in the ongoing decline of a century-old tradition.
We need to engage with young men at the crucial, post-pubescent stage of development; we need to cut across the stereotypes that say that choral singing is only for the cassocked and the elderly; we need to give a truly positive experience and we need to make male choral singing relevant to the young and the not-so-young.
The workshop is being supported by Birmingham City Council, but Skidmore is disappointed that more has not been achieved with young choral singing in the city.
An initiative being launched in Warwickshire today is set to lead the way in encouraging the nation's children to become more involved in choral singing.
Review TITLE: Huddersfield Choral Society 175th anniversary concer t VENUE: Huddersfield Town Hall By: William Marshall ELGAR'S Dream of Gerontius is arguably the high water mark of the English choral singing tradition.
SIR - Whatever one makes of the new BBC choir competition "Last Choir Standing" with its pop arrangements, its choreography and its "singing is cool", image it has clearly taken choral singing to the masses in a new and refreshing way.
They brought a long awaited freshness to choral singing.
TALENTED pupils from Avon Valley School teamed up to gain an exam pass in choral singing, at their first time of entering.
A FEMALE choir with an international reputation is to sing for the first time in Huddersfield, the heartland of northern choral singing.
Producer Gwawr Owen, from production company Opus TV, said, 'It is so encouraging to witness the energy of all these choirs and to see that choral singing remains very popular in Wales.
This was a feature of the choral singing,as was the rich variety of tone colours and wide range of dynamics from expressive soft sonorities to blazing fortissimos.
Sixteen junior and seven senior choirs will perform in a new national festival to celebrate choral singing in schools.