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1 A group of singers; traditionally the chorus organized to sing in a church. Usually, Roman Catholic, Anglican, and Lutheran choirs are composed of men and boys, but occasionally in these churches and customarily in other Protestant churches men and women form the choir.

2 That division of an organ usually used to accompany the singers, played from the lowest manual on the console.

3 A section of a chorus or orchestra, as the contrasted choirs of polychoral music, or brass choir, woodwind choir.

4 That part of a church reserved for the singers and the officiating clergy in a cathedral or abbey; the same area in a parish church is the chancel: see stallstall,
small division of a larger space, sometimes partly partitioned. The term is used for a booth for display and selling at an exhibition, for a compartment in a stable or kennel, or, in England, for the forward seats in a theater orchestra.
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That part of a church where the religious service isaccompanied by singing, usually part of the chancel and often separated by an ornamental screen.


That part of a church, between the sanctuary and the nave, usually occupied by a group of singers.


1. an organized group of singers, esp for singing in church services
a. the part of a cathedral, abbey, or church in front of the altar, lined on both sides with benches, and used by the choir and clergy
b. (as modifier): choir stalls
3. a number of instruments of the same family playing together
4. one of the manuals on an organ controlling a set of soft sweet-toned pipes
5. any of the nine orders of angels in medieval angelology
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Taking a similar approach to Ruth Finnegan in The Hidden Musicians, Russell's intention is to present an ethnographic overview of the area through accounts of histories, membership, performance venues, and functions of choral singing groups.
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Barr, who has a master's of music degree from Boston University, is certified to teach flute, music theory, choral singing, accompanying and ensemble playing.
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The choral singing is flawless; the instrumental playing is impeccable; and Virgin's engineers capture the results in the smoothest sound you can imagine.
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