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(Ceiba pentandra), a tree of the family Bombaceae that grows in tropical America. The fruits yield kapok. The ceiba is cultivated in the tropical countries of both hemispheres.

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The Chorisia trees and olive trees are from South America and Lebanon, respectively.
At the family section, there are two Chorisia trees.
Recently, raised rock beds have been built around specimen chorisia trees near the original garden and the group has underplanted these with bulk broms too.
4 Floss Silk trees, originally from Brazil and officially called Chorisia speciosa, come into full bloom in September here in Southern California, sporting a majestic pink cloud of large hibiscus-like flowers.
Table I The occurrence of complete staminodial whorls in the Magnoliatae as derived from (ob)diplostemonous or dicyclic androccia (a) Family Tribe, genus, or species Alliaceae Allium, Trichlora, Gilliesia Anacardiaceae Pentaspadon Bombacaceae Chorisia Bonnetiaceae Ploiarium, Archytaea Brexiaceae Brexia, Ixerba Burseraceae Santiria Caesalpiniaceae Dimorphandra Caryophyllaceae Paronychia, Herniaria, Habrosia, Schiedea, etc.