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(from the Greek pantokrator, “almighty ruler”; in Rus’, vsederzhitel’). Iconographic representation of Christ.

The term “Pantocrator” is usually applied to depictions of Christ within the central cupola or concha of a church. Surrounded by angels (on the drum or in the apse), he is bestowing a blessing with his right hand and holding the New Testament in his left hand. The representation of Christ as Pantocrator became the intellectual and compositional center of architectural and pictorial ensembles in Orthodox churches during the ninth to 11th centuries, when the domed cruciform church assumed its final form. The depiction of Christ as Pantocrator was adopted in icons and was reproduced in Italian mosaics of the 12th century.


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Sim SUNDAY OF LENT: Christ Pantocrator (Ruler of AII), mid-16th-century icon, the Temple Gallery, London.
One of the murals, that used to adorn the dome of Lysi church, depicts Christ Pantocrator surrounded by angels while the other -- an apse -- shows the Virgin Mary and the archangels Michael and Gabriel.
More Greek art is on display at Munich-based Icons Gallery Dritsoulas, which presents an icon of Christ Pantocrator, or 'ruler of all'.
The image of Christ Pantocrator, the all powerful, in the semidome of Monreale's apse is not terrifying, unlike its pictures in the art books.

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