Samuel Hahnemann

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Hahnemann, Samuel


Born Apr. 10, 1755, in Meissen; died July 2, 1843, in Paris. German physician, founder of homeopathy.

Hahnemann received his medical education in Leipzig and Erlangen. He fought against the use of bloodletting, emetics, and other treatments that doctors of his time abused. He attached great importance to hygiene and dietetics.


In Russian translation:
Organon vrachebnogo iskusstva ili osnovnaia teoriia sposoba gomeopaticheskogo lecheniia … St. Petersburg, 1884.


Brazol’, L. E. S. Ganeman: Ocherk ego zhizni i deiatel’nosti. St. Petersburg, 1896.


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He discovered that a royal physician, Baron Christian Friedrich Stockmar, described Queen Charlotte as "small and crooked, with a true mulatto face.
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