Christian iconography

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Christian iconography:

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[Gr.,=image-drawing] or iconology
[Gr.,=image-study], in art history, the study and interpretation of figural representations, either individual or symbolic, religious or secular; more broadly, the art of representation by pictures or images, which may or
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Palmira Brummett's article on Christian iconography c.
Adorned with the bare minimum of Christian iconography, this neutral space could be seen as a contemporary interpretation of the spare, functional Protestant churches of northern Europe.
Moreover, pet stores don't rip off Christian iconography and engage in cheap irreligious claims.
In Christian iconography, the "O" is sometimes also symbolic of the omega.
Finally, he placed her after the execution in Lear's arms, thus evoking the Pieta of Christian iconography, where the dead Christ shown, by many artists during the Renaissance, in his mother's arms.
The meek-faced "Good Shepherd" of much Christian iconography is the product of romantic imagination, not historical reality or careful exegesis.
Megged's depiction of Beatrice as simultaneously attracted to European Christian iconography and the utopian political impulse of the Palestinian Jewish yishuv is a daring stroke of artistic creativity.
Employing traditional and new Christian iconography, Goler gives viewers a sense of the saint's contributions and passions.
Using ritualistic folk dance and Christian iconography, the piece extols the human ability to unify and heal.
The artists of that period used the gods as a looking glass to view aspects of themselves that could not be portrayed in traditional Christian iconography or Biblical stories.
The Mystical Language of Icons is a straightforward and breathtakingly illustrated guide to Christian iconography throughout history.

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