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However he has gathered together a great deal of fascinating evidence for Christianized versions of ancient myths; some of these present interesting parallels with Renaut's romance.
As Africans in America became Christianized, they did not lose their distinction as Africans, but their new religion did give that label new meaning and power.
Together they affirm the continuing existence of pagan beliefs and rituals among a superficially Christianized population.
One might think that because already so Christianized, such a philosophical foundation would serve the Christian faith well.
The book argues that Chinese Christians are strongly pro-American, and so a Christianized China will be more likely to see eye-to-eye with the United States on many international issues.
The remainder of the book contains intriguing documents, such as two Christianized sutras and a Nestorian hymn.
Instead, we see Saran at work, particularly in the episode where the crew meets a monstrous whale, or Physetere, named by Panurge Leviathan and linked by that Old Testament reference to the Book of Job, as medieval commentators had also done, but christianized here by Pantagruel's harpoons bearing the sign of the Trinity on the beast.
The popular Guadalupe story harkens back to December 1531 in Mexico-Tenochtitlan (Mexico City) when the Virgin Mary appeared four times to the Christianized Indian Juan Diego.
For Nelson, the key question regarding dissenting texts like Mather's The Negro Christianized becomes this: "Given that the colonial author can never write outside the power motives of colonial discourse, what are the results of the interplay between resistance and consent?
Its heavily Christianized language of sacrifice and redemption recalls a long Western history of justifying poverty and inequality by making promises about the future kingdom come.
Along the way, Newbigin shows that many Christians are seduced by the idea, so that "the popular Christian doctrine of the Kingdom of God, interpreted as meaning the progressive realization of good in the life of the world, is simply a Christianized version of the secular idea of progress" (p.
On the other hand, the basic alignment of English Renaissance intellectuals derives, according to Eriksen, from Alberti's Christianized (or Augustinian) adaptation of Ciceronian concepts; especially those introduced in discussions of the crafting of text and underlying Alberti's account of the design process.