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New Middlesbrough MP, Andy McDonald is hoping to send out a parliamentary themed Christmas card to all the people who supported him in his by-election campaign.
The giant Christmas card is available by contacting the RNLI Wales and West Regional Fundraising Office on 0121 7806960.
SCHOOLS and officers across Gwynedd collected over a ton and a half of Christmas cards as part of the campaign to promote recycling throughout the county.
We can salute them by buying their Christmas cards, calendars and many other gifts this festive season.
COUPON: Order your celebrity Christmas cards today by calling 0141 300 4924 and pay by credit or debit card.
All primary schools in Cardiff Central were invited to submit artwork for this year's Christmas card competition.
The artistic schoolchildren were praised by Ms McVey after she announced the winners of her primary school Christmas card competition.
Five-year-old Georgia Makinson beat hundreds of applicants from across the North West and North Wales to win a design a Christmas Card Competition.
The company is also gobsmacked to discover Kim Kardashian and Pippa Middleton's bottoms came bottom (ha ha) of the list of things we would most like to see on Christmas cards.
You will probably see the Forest Stewardship Council logo on the back of at least one of your Christmas cards this year.
AN outraged senator demanded Oireachtas members stop sending Christmas cards at taxpayers' expense - but was branded a Scrooge.
It's wonderful to be able to celebrate the local generosity with a Christmas card.