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Indeed, Nicholas' decision to propose to Sonya during the Christmastide rituals is not only ephemeral, but subversively so.
The Laon cathedral community read and heard these sermons in a way that harnessed the different rhetorical tones and made the performance of their Ordo Prophetarum an integral part of the liminal liturgical space between Advent and Christmastide.
Although the household steward's accounts often list both the reward and how long the musicians' visit ("for this Christmastide past"), all they usually reveal about the players is their reward and departure date.
The forty-nine villancicos therein prescribed for performance at the cathedral fall exclusively during the following seasons: Christmastide, the Octave of Corpus Christi, and the Feast of the Assumption.
If December is oriented toward the birth of an infant during Advent and Christmastide, January seems focused on asking, "just who is this Jesus going to become?
But he did encounter some difficulties in trying to persuade the Inland Revenue that all those Bond books and videos he brought home one Christmastide amounted to a legitimate tax-deductible expense
It contains such poems as By Honley Woods, Holmfirth's Christmastide Revels and Tribute To Huddersfield City Fathers (that is dated 1915).
Our Rome series, interrupted to allow space for a Christmastide theme, will be continued in the next issue.
As we approach this Christmastide, we at Bethlehem University have much to celebrate and for which to be grateful; we also have much for which we still hope.
For us, at Frank Morton Costume Jewelry, however, Akinu has a different offering at Christmastide.
But the bifocal character of Advent--anticipating both the first coming of Jesus "at Christmastide in Bethlehem" and his second coming at the end of time--is a liturgical and pastoral challenge I'm not quite ready to give up.