Elwin Bruno Christoffel

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Christoffel, Elwin Bruno


Born Nov. 10, 1829, in Monschau; died Mar. 15, 1900, in Strasbourg. German mathematician.

In 1862, Christoffel was appointed a professor at the Polytechnikum in Zurich and in 1872 at the University of Strasbourg. He is best known for studies in the theories of functions, of partial differential equations, of invariants of algebraic forms, and of quadratic differential forms, where he introduced the symbol that bears his name (see).


Geiser, C. F., and L. Maurer. “Elwin Bruno Christoffel.” Mathematische Annalen, 1901, vol. 54, pp. 329–44. (Contains a bibliography.)
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The first equation is the system of the Christoffel transformations.
Therefore, at any point of a locally geodesic reference frame the fundamental metric tensor can be considered constant, while the first derivatives of the metric (the Christoffel symbols) are zero.
MOLLY MELLO, Milton Harris's first runner outside Britain, stayed on for third behind Supertramp in the pounds 4,995 Grand Prix Christoffel Bau Trophy, over one mile on the frozen lake, at St Moritz yesterday.
Joe Christoffel, Chief Financial Officer, Watson General
The recommended names are: Prof Bongani Christopher Majola, Ms Matlhodi Angelina Makwetla, Ms Devikarani Priscilla Sewpal Jana, Adv Andre Hurtley Gaum, Adv Jonas Ben Sibanyoni, Rev Andrew Christoffel Nissen and Adv Bokankatla Joseph Malatji.
Indeed, the Christoffel transformation is a particular case of this transformation when [absolute value of Re([alpha])] > 1.
Geometric space characteristics of (2) are chronometrically invariant Christoffel symbols [[DELTA].
MILTON HARRIS breaks new ground when he saddles Molly Mello - his first overseas runner - in the pounds 4,995 Grand Prix Christoffel Bau Trophy over a mile on the frozen lake racecourse at St Moritz today.
Of course, we can find a reference frame where the gravitational potential, the space rotation, and the Christoffel symbols are zero at a given point *.
The champion jockey, who has been in action around the world this winter, partners the appropriately named Liftoff for German trainer Urs Suter in the one-mile Christoffel Bau Trophy.
11), sometimes also referred to as the reciprocal of the associated Christoffel function.
kn,m] are the spatially observable Christoffel symbols, built like Christoffel's usual symbols [[GAMMA].