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color key

(1) (Color Key) See prepress proof.

(2) Also called "chroma key," it is a technique for superimposing one video image onto another. Widely used to place an interesting scene behind people such as a news reporter on TV, it is also used for creating special effects such as floating a car on the ocean.

The Blue or Green Screen
The foreground image is shot in front of a backdrop, which is a single, solid color, typically blue or green. When both images are combined, the background pixel takes precedence wherever a pixel of the solid color is found in the foreground image. If the foreground image is a person and the backdrop is blue, no articles of blue clothing can be worn or the background image will bleed through in those locations.

Green Screen Color Key
This Las Vegas scene was superimposed on every green pixel in the photo. Carefully look at the colors of the woman's blouse in both top and bottom images. The blouse was green and therefore picked up the blue sky in the background.
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You can also try activating Chroma Key and making your broadcast look even more immersive using a green screen transparency effect.
Other highlights demonstrated throughout the evening included built-in motion trackers and Beat Reactor technology that automates generation of filter changes in time with an audio track, and the Chroma Key with its award-winning light wrap technology.
Patented MagicTrak technology allows on air talent to interact with graphic content, virtual sets and video within a chroma key and touch screen environment.
Reflecmedia will introduce its new portable chroma key solution - MicroLite.
With the new chroma key effect, walking on water and visiting Baden-Baden is possible in home videos.
Aspects Of Media has successfully used digital compositing technology, including green/blue screen and chroma key technology, in its corporate productions.
The Bus will host VIPs and contest winners for meet 'n greets, tours of the unique studio environment, and provide visitors with the chance to feel like they're in a Fergie video with Reflecmedia's new chroma key system provided by Bogen Imaging.
Ecstasy features chroma key ready outputs which can be easily incorporated into animated film projects without post production.
To give consumers the freedom to celebrate their creativity, Ulead VideoStudio 11 also provides Overlay Video Tools for combining transparency with mask or chroma key effects and for cropping the results on-screen to remove any unwanted elements.
Chroma key, which allows users to put an object on a blue/green screen and import easily-changeable background images from another source.
A new technology debuting in the Pearl2 chips is a Chroma Key Window function that enables improved video performance when connected to a PC source.
New Features Include Improved Vista Support, Survey Creation, and Enhanced Chroma Key