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(also Fredegar), in historical literature, the name conventionally given to the author or authors of an anonymous Frankish chronicle compiled in the mid-seventh century. The part of the chronicle that relates events from 584 to 642 is an original work and is the only literary source covering this period in the history of such regions of the Frankish state as Burgundy and Austrasia.


Chronica vitae sanctorum. (Monumento Germaniae historica: Scriptorum rerum Merovingicarum, vol. 2.) Hanover, 1888.

Wallace-Hadrill, J. M., ed. Fredegarii Chronicon. London–New York, 1960.

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One of the best essays is the extremely worthwhile review of Frankish historiography by Richard Broome, "Approaches to the Frankish Community in the Chronicle of Fredegar and Liber Historiae Francorum.
The topics include Sutton Hoo and Sweden revisited, approaches to the Frankish community in the Chronicle of Fredegar and Liber Historiae Francorum, the development of diplomatic contacts and exchange between the Byzantine Empire and the Frankish kingdoms until the early eight century, from early Byzantium to the Middle Ages in Sagalassos, seventh-century movements of populations in the light of Egyptian papyri, Ibn al-Zybayr and legitimating power in seventh-century Islamic history, and irrigation in Khuzistan after the Sasanians.