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the name given in Old Russian chronicles to the Estonians and related Finno-Ugric tribes (Zavoloch’e Chud’) living in the domains of the Novgorod Feudal Republic east of Lake Onega, along the Onega and Severnaia Dvina rivers.

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Within the CHUD Program, the "Blbeck and Tyre Archaeological Project - BTAP" funded by the World Bank with an amount of 8 million Euro and by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Italian Development Cooperation with an amount of more than 4 million Euro will carry out consolidation, conservation and restoration works in the UNESCO sites of Al Mina and Al Bass (Tyre) and in the Citadel of Blbeck (Al Qal).
After the interviewer training, the promotoras then participated with one of the co-investigators and a CHUD Colonias Program staff member in finalizing the design for carrying out the interviews.
com/102545/facebook-wants-you-to-see-paranormal-activity-4-early/) CHUD.
CHUD, which covers a separate project in Baalbek, has entered its second phase in Tyre