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(also Kufow), a city in China, in Shantung Province. Ch’üfu was founded early in the first millennium B.C. The birthplace of the philosopher Confucius, it is dominated by the Confucius temple complex (begun fifth century B.C), which consists of courtyards and numerous structures. At the center of the complex stands the Ta Chen Tien (Hall of Greatest Perfection), a palace built in 1018 and restored in 1724. Near Ch’üfu is a park with a pantheon built to honor Confucius and his disciples; the pantheon contains statues, memorial halls, and tombstones.

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Abdulaziz bin Abdul-Sattar Turkistani, has attended here at the embassy a reception party held for 70 students from the public education in the Japanese city of Chufu along with their families in the framework of the annual cultural program prepared by the embassy for students of the city who wish to be informed about the history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its culture.