Nicolas Chuquet

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Nicolas Chuquet
BirthplaceParis, France
EducationBachelors degree in medicine

Chuquet, Nicolas


Fifteenth-century French mathematician.

In his treatise on arithmetic and algebra Triparty en la science des nombres, which was written in 1484 and published in Rome in 1881, Chuquet introduced negative and zero exponents. Chuquet’s notation is close to modern usage (seeMATHEMATICAL SYMBOLS).


Iushkevich, A. P. Istoriia matematiki v srednie veka. Moscow, 1961.
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Nicolas Chuquet, a French mathematician who lived in the 15th Century, is credited as the inventor of the modern names for large numbers.
The Chuquet system for the naming of numbers goes on into larger and larger numbers, yet there is a special word for the name of a BIG number and that is called the Googol.
Helene Chuquet, 'Etude de quelques marqueurs linguistiques de la distanciation chez John McGahern', La Licorne 32 (1995): John McGahern, 33-53.
Chuquet gives no mnemonics to assist in obtaining the solution, but he does have a table showing the six possible remainders and the assignment of objects to players that each indicates.
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