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, Czech Tĕšín, Pol. Cieszyn, former principality (c.850 sq mi/2,200 sq km), now divided between the Czech Republic and Poland. Teschen was its chief town.
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a city in Poland, in Bielsko-Biala Województwo, on the Olza (Olše) River, opposite the Czechoslovak city of Český Těšin. Population, 31,400 (1976). Industry includes metalworking, food processing, and the manufacture of knitwear, leather haberdashery, and electrical equipment.

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PPG Completes Colorful Communities Project in Cieszyn, Poland
Topics include: hate narrations; Pope John Paul II's teaching and practice of conciliation; Polish youth confronting the Jewish past and pathways to reconciliation; contributions of the Opole Catholic Church to the reconciliation of ethnic groups, traditions, and cultures; young people of Cieszyn Silesia in interfaith dialogue; marital selection and reconciliation in two Polish bi-denominational communities; memory sites and their relationship to antagonism and reconciliation in the case of Polish-Czech relations; Latvian-Russian relations in Daugavpils since 1991; and past conflicts and seeking of reconciliation on the Polish-Ukrainian borderland.
After clearing a strict customs procedure at Cieszyn, the route was now clear for Brno where the Battle of Austerlitz was fought in December 1805.
Police in Cieszyn seized Michal Oginski's canvas, claiming it breached the country's alcohol ad laws.
The artists are based in and around the towns of Bielsko-Biala and Cieszyn in south-west Poland.
Grycz was born on December 11, 1890, in Zebrzydowice, a town in the Cieszyn region.
Renata Jonscher is a professional mezzo-soprano who was born and trained in Cieszyn, Poland.
Charity events in Poland supported by Millennium include awarding grants to best students at Warsaw University of Technology Business School and School of Management, University of Warsaw, financing the renovation of the Jewish Cemetery in Cieszyn and launching the cooperation of mental care departments between Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles and the City Hospital in Cieszyn, involving an exchange of knowledge and doctors.
La Silesie se trouve ainsi a son tour eclatee, divisee entre la Pologne, l'Allemagne et meme la Tchecoslovaquie dans la region de Cieszyn (Teschen).
Polifarb Cieszyn - Wroclaw Sa, Rohm and Haas Company, SigmaKalon Group BV, The Sherwin-Williams Company, Total S.
The contract is gradual delivery of drugs used in the treatment of hepatitis bezinterferonowym used in the context of health programs for the Team of Health Care in Cieszyn.
This is most obviously the case in Flaga (1972-2000), 2002, a work that entails, in the words of the artist, "a Fiat 126 produced in Turin, Italy, in 1974 and customised using parts manufactured and fitted in Poland, following a journey of 1290 km from Turin to Cieszyn.