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WAVE JOn Over the Rainbow PIN-UP JIn a no smoking ad for Boots HOLY ZSMOKE Char has a ciggy before Gav drives her to London
She kept nipping out of the venue for a ciggy rather than joining in the festivities.
Says Paul: ``At The Coliseum it was a great sight - all those light bulbs and people with ciggy lighters stretching out far a head.
IF you haven't cracked open the ciggy bank until now the holiday of a lifetime will be within your budget, perhaps to the Caribbean.
But bungling organisers included a ciggy shop, Highland Tobacconist, in the hunt
And I'm sure she'd have loved the chance to tell all us "nosy f*** c***s" (inhale ciggy) to "f*** well (inhale ciggy) mind your own (inhale ciggy) f*** business, because my (light up new ciggy with old one) f*** private life's my own.
Only ciggy firms avoided the worst with Imperial Tobacco adding 0.