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Dramatic increases in human population along the coastal regions and associated increase in nutrient inputs from industrial, domestic and agricultural sources have enhanced eutrophication in the coastal waters of Cilician basin.
Zooplankton population and its time series in the Northern Cilician Basin-Turkish Coast.
124) Abu l-Fida' seems to indicate that the main beneficiaries of this coastal destruction were Gaza, which became the main port for traders from the Hijaz, and the Cilician port of Ayas in the Armenian kingdom, which became the preferred port for Christian merchants from Europe; between them, Yafa was the only port he identified as still active.
We have granted a license to the Cilician College, a higher school that teaches students according to Syrian educational
Ghazarian, The Armenian Kingdom in Cilicia during the Crusades: The Integration of Cilician Armenians witb the Latins, 1080-1393, Richmond, VA: Curzon, 2000, 84, 86; Anthony W.
Lebanon cedar (Cedrus libani) and Cilician fir (Abies cilicica) accompany junipers.
Esther Velthoen examines Dutch attempts to tame coastal raiding up until 1905, efforts that have some remarkable similarities to Roman attempts to curb Cilician piracy.
13) In his biography of Julius Caesar, Plutarch tells of Cilician pirates who captured Caesar on the Mediterranean, holding him captive for thirty-eight days until ransom was paid.
The first speciment of Schizodactylus inexpectatus (Werner, 1901) (Orthoptera: Schizodactylidae) was accidentally found from the Cilician Taurus near to Gulek in Turkey by MARTIN HOLTZ in 1897 and described as Comicus inexpectatus by WERNER in 1901 (Ramme, 1931; Uvarov, 1952).
Cirlot in his Dictionary of Symbols itemizes many other instances that link the horn with nature's fertility and gods--the Cilician horned god of agriculture holding handfuls of corn, the African rhino's horn prized as an aphrodisiac, the horn as decorative motif on Asian temples, the cycle of the Zodiac initiated by Aries and Taurus, both horned.
While the activities associated with the Cilician peace-keeper in Xenophon correspond closely to the sphere of operation of the eirenarch, Xenophon's wording is sufficiently loose to refer to any official whose job it was to keep the peace, and since there must have been people in charge of putting down civil unrest in Cilicia long before the position of eirenarch was created, it has been argued that the references to a peace-keeper do not help to establish a terminus post quem.
in the rugged hills near Coracesium in Cilicia, an untamed region along the coast of southwestern Asia Minor, and the Cilician pirates, possibly the most successful race of brigands the world has ever seen, were surrendering to the Roman general Pompey.