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Future research is encouraged to examine the effect of anticipated work-family conflict (see Cinamon, 2006; Westring & Ryan, 2011) on women's STEM attrition at different points in the career path.
No obstante, tambien observan importantes dificultades para poder conciliar las responsabilidades y obligaciones derivadas del mundo familiar y laboral (Aronson, 1999; Cinamon & Rich, 2002; Dilworth, 2004; Garey, 1995; Guendouzi, 2006; Martinez, Vera, Paterna & Alcazar, 2002; Paterna & Martinez, 2003; Tingey, Kiger & Riley, 1995; Tobio, 1998, 2005).
Cinamon and Rich (2002) used a sample of professionals in high-stress jobs (e.
Specifically, differences in work values and role identity are a function of gender role socialization (Archer & Lloyd, 2002; Becker & Moen, 1999; Cinamon & Rich, 2002; Moen et al.
Burke, Weir & DuWors, 1979; Cinamon & Rich, 2002; Greenhaus & Powell, 2003; Jansen et al.
Bennett, executive staff assistant, ADC/Community Corrections, 2000 Meritorious Award; Judith Boyer, correctional sergeant, ADC/Arizona State Prison Complex (ASPC)/Douglas, QUEST for Excellence Award; James Burress, correctional sergeant, ADC/ASPC-Winslow, ADC Community Service Award; Harriet Caruso, education program specialist, ADJC; Arlin Chester, parole officer, ADC/Community Corrections, Co-Parole Officer of the Year; Cinamon Cotter, youth transitional specialist, ADJC; Dr.
Kate Cinamon of the British Dental Association says: "Many people don't realise that going to the dentist can actually improve your general health or even save your life.
Ms Hannah Cinamon, drugs programme manager at the Health Education Authority, said: "We hope this news will make drug users seriously consider the long-term implications of taking Ecstasy.
One employee was stationed in the bakery, near the display, to offer samples of the cinamon and caramel rolls.
Liat Hayardeny, Sara Feigelson, Valentin Grabovsky, Joel Kaye, Rotem Keshet, Guy Cinamon, Ronen Alon, Netanya, Israel, Rehovot, Israel
Cinamon & Rich, 2002), we recommend discussing with clients what composes a good work-family interface for them, as well as what composes a good family life and good work life.
Ingredients: 1 tspn olive oil; 550g diced lean lamb shoulder; 2 large carrots washed peeled and chopped; 2 large onions peeled and finely chopped; 2 cloves garlic peeled cut in half with root removed and chopped; 6 cardamon pods; 1 cinamon stick; 1 pinch of each ground corriander, cumin, nutmeg and tumeric; 200g chopped dark red tomatoes (can use tinned); 100g chick peas; 200g dried apricots; 600ml chicken stock; 50g flaked almonds; 1 sprig of each fresh mint and corriander (chopped at the end).