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(sĭnsənăt`ē, –năt`ə), city (1990 pop. 364,040), seat of Hamilton co., extreme SW Ohio, on the Ohio River opposite Newport and Covington, Ky.; inc. as a city 1819. The third largest city in the state, Cincinnati is the industrial, commercial, and cultural center for an extensive area including numerous suburbs in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. It is also a port with a large riverfront and good transportation facilities. Machinery; consumer goods; transportation, electric, and electronic equipment; musical instruments; metal goods; and packaged meats are among its manufactures; banking and finance also are important.

Cincinnati was founded in 1788 as Losantiville; in 1790 Arthur St. ClairSt. Clair, Arthur,
1734–1818, American general, b. Thurso, Scotland. He left the Univ. of Edinburgh to become (1757) an ensign in the British army and served in the French and Indian War at Louisburg and Quebec.
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, the first governor of the Northwest TerritoryNorthwest Territory,
first possession of the United States, comprising the region known as the Old Northwest, S and W of the Great Lakes, NW of the Ohio River, and E of the Mississippi River, including the present states of Ohio, Ind., Ill., Mich., Wis., and part of Minn.
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, renamed it for the Society of Cincinnati, a group of Revolutionary War officers. It was the first seat of the legislature of the Northwest Territory. After the opening of the Ohio and Erie Canal (c.1832), the city developed as a shipper of farm products and meat. Built on and below "seven hills," it became known for its German-influenced cultural life. Corruption, crime, and unrest plagued late-19th-century Cincinnati; a reform movement culminated in the establishment (1924) of the city-manager type of government (notable managers were Clarence A. DykstraDykstra, Clarence Addison
, 1883–1950, American educator and civic administrator, b. Cleveland, grad. Univ. of Iowa, 1903. After graduate work at the Univ. of Chicago, he taught in Pensacola, Fla., was instructor in history and government at Ohio State Univ.
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 and Clarence O. Sherrill). Disastrous flooding struck the city in 1884 and again in 1937, after which major flood-control projects were undertaken. In the 21st cent. the city's downtown and riverfront has undergone a revitalization, with the construction of new business and residential buildings and park facilities.

William Howard TaftTaft, William Howard,
1857–1930, 27th President of the United States (1909–13) and 10th chief justice of the United States (1921–30), b. Cincinnati. Early Career

After graduating (1878) from Yale, he attended Cincinnati Law School.
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 and his son Robert A. TaftTaft, Robert Alphonso,
1889–1953, American politician, b. Cincinnati, Ohio; son of William Howard Taft. He practiced law in Ohio and served (1921–26, 1931–32) in the state legislature. Elected to the U.S.
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 were born here. Cincinnati's landmarks include the Taft Museum; Eden Park, with the Cincinnati Art Museum; the Cincinnati Museum Center in the former Union Terminal; and the Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art. The Univ. of Cincinnati, Edgecliff College, Xavier Univ., and several other educational institutions are in Cincinnati. The city is home to the Cincinnati Reds, the nation's oldest professional baseball team, and the Bengals football team.



a city in the eastern USA, in the state of Ohio. Population, 410,000 (1975; including suburbs, 1.4 million). Cincinnati has a port on the Ohio River and is a railroad and highway junction. The city is one of the major industrial, financial, and cultural centers of the USA. In 1974 the economically active population numbered 545,000, including 167,000 employed in industry.

Cincinnati has machine-building, metalworking, chemical, furniture, paper, and food-processing (brewing and meat packing) industries. In addition, the city is one of the country’s leading centers for the manufacture of machine tools, of electrical, industrial, and electronic equipment, and of airplane engines, missiles, and household appliances and machines. Perfumes and medications are also produced.

The University of Cincinnati was founded in 1788.


a city in SW Ohio, on the Ohio River. Pop.: 317 361 (2003 est.)
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