Cincinnati Kid

Cincinnati Kid,

the “one of the shrewdist gamblers east of the Mississippi.” [Cinema: Halliwell, 462]
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But, like the Cincinnati Kid holding all the aces, Liverpool have looked their City counterparts in the eye and refused to budge.
Scenes for the movies Cincinnati Kid (1965) and Easy Rider (1969) were filmed in the St.
Broner, the Cincinnati kid with more arrogance in his little finger than the original, is the new self-styled hero of American boxing.
The Cincinnati kid - who is nine years younger than Rees and has won 21 of his 25 fights by knock-out - prides himself on his appearance and has his hair brushed in the ring just before the first bell.
In The Cincinnati Kid (Steve McQueen) has The Man (Edward G.
Now, you can make a strong argument that the Cincinnati kid is the Sox' best two-way player.
The Daily Record wanted a comment on The Cincinnati Kid.
Here, BRIAN McIVER enlists expert help to dissect one of his most famous scenes in poker classic The Cincinnati Kid.
The curious phrase "You're twisting my melon man", on the Monday's track Step On, was used by Steve McQueen on The Cincinnati Kid in 1965 when he felt the director was giving him too many lines to learn.
Recommend a poker book or film: The Cincinnati Kid, the film and book - it's a must read and a must watch.
This nicely-packaged six-disc box set pays tribute to his enduring appeal with five of his films: Never So Few directed by John Sturges, The Cincinnati Kid directed by Norman Jewison, Bullitt directed by Peter Yates, The Getaway directed by Sam Peckinpah and Tom Horn directed by William Wiard.
The baseball cap and shades might have given the impression of a confident Cincinnati Kid.

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