Cincinnati Art Museum

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Cincinnati Art Museum,

Cincinnati, Ohio. Founded in 1877 by the Women's Art Museum Association, the museum opened in 1886. Its collections contain examples spanning 3,000 years of artistic production. Works from Mesopotamia and medieval Europe are featured. The museum's European paintings include works by El Greco, Murillo, Mantegna, Tiepolo, and Titian. The museum also houses outstanding collections of Asian art and musical instruments.
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His works are exhibited in many public and private collections, including the Cincinnati Museum of Art in Ohio, the Phoenix Art Museum in Arizona, the Rockefeller Collection in New York and the Foundation Museum in Kenya, besides the Lund University Museum in Sweden, the Loo Collection in Tokyo and the Museum of Arts and Letters in France.
GalleryCards sumitted by the Cincinnati Museum of Art.
GalleryCards submitted by the Cincinnati Museum of Art.

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