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see motion picture photographymotion picture photography
or cinematography,
photographic arts and techniques involved in making motion pictures.

See also photography, still. The Camera
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a branch of culture and industry comprising the production of motion pictures and their screening for viewers. As one of the forms of art best suited to a mass audience, cinematography is a major means of political and scientific propaganda. It employs the techniques of motion-picture technology. Motion pictures are produced at film studios, and film and equipment are manufactured by the film industry. Motion pictures are shown in theaters, in halls with portable equipment, and on television.


(graphic arts)
Motion picture photography.


the art or science of film (motion-picture) photography
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The company's line of gyro-stabilized camera platforms offer aerial cinematographers an unprecedented level of stability, control and versatility in a compact package easily configured for 2D, 3D and Ultra HD shooting with the world's most advanced cameras and lenses.
Having spent nearly five decades in Mumbai, the ace cinematographer is now based in Bengaluru.
He approaches cinematography like an art, really like a painter, and so I think he takes it much more seriously and much more deeply than most cinematographers do.
He won an Oscar for his camera work on Great Expectations in 1946 and was a founder member of the British Society of Cinematographers.
The distribution of cinematographers does not exactly replicate the patterns of directors and composers.
Wilkinson hams it up, trying to inject a little life into the proceedings, but Webber and ace cinematographer Eduardo Serra are too busy with camera placement to notice.
Cinematography" referred simply to the techniques normally involved in the making of motion pictures: the collaboration with performers (not necessarily "actors," as Neorealism showed); the techniques and equipment cinematographers invented, built, and improvised; and the openness to different themes, manners, and styles.
Cutler (The World According to Dick Cheney), the event will bring together established and emerging filmmakers, producers, and talent to honor and recognize the work of the cinematographers of the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.
Cinematographers Luca Bigazzi and Chris Menges were presented with the Golden Camera 300 for outstanding contributions to world cinematography and Golden Camera 300 for life achievements respectively.
Meanwhile, Stephen Pizzello, Editor of American Cinematographer Magazine, who worked with Willis on a book based on the cinematographer's career, added that Willis' features would be carved into the rock face if there were a Mount Rushmore for cinematographers.
From an image gathering perspective, aerial cinematographers can capture motion picture quality 2D and 3D images in a user friendly package that enables them to utilize multiple camera and lens configurations in the course of a single day of shooting.