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A device which produces polarized light, such as a Nicol prism or Polaroid sheet.



a device for obtaining completely or partially polarized light from light with arbitrary polarization characteristics. It is the simplest polarizing device and one of the main elements in more complex devices. Linear polarizers, which produce plane-polarized light, take the form of optically anisotropic polarizing prisms, polarizing sheets, and optical piles of isotropic plates transparent in a given region of the spectrum. A combination of a linear polarizer with quarter-wave plates is used to obtain circularly polarized light. Any polarizer can also be used as an analyzer of polarized radiation.


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800% harder coating on UV only, the coatings on the Circular Polarizer are 200% harder than previous generation.
The filter diameter of the new 200-500mm lens is 95mm, and Nikon will also offer optional 95mm NC (Neutral Color) and the 95mm Circular Polarizer CPL2 filters.
July 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- iPhone and iPod touch photographers who want to get twice as close to the action and get clear close-ups now have a solution, the new olloclip telephoto lens and circular polarizer lens (CPL).
The Carroll Touch ICE/400 Touch Frame was designed for Planar's 640x400 display featuring Integral Control Enhancement technology which provides a darker background and brighter display, eliminating the need for costly circular polarizers.
The offering consists of two PT-DW530U DLP projectors, a dual-projector stacking frame, a pair of circular polarizers, 100 pairs of circularly-polarized glasses, 133" diagonal silver screen, as well as additional components needed to setup the system.
The V100 offers Getac's exclusive QuadraClear[TM] technology, which allows easy viewing in direct sunlight by incorporating special anti-reflective coatings, linear and circular polarizers, and a 1200 NIT LED display.
QuadraClear[TM] utilizes special anti-reflective coatings, linear and circular polarizers and a 1200 nit LED display to create this innovative technology.
This comprehensive new product catalog provides detailed descriptions and specifications for the company's longstanding component products including Linear and Circular Polarizers, Precision, Achromatic, and Wide Field Retarders, as well as Liquid Crystal Retarders, Attenuators, and Polarization Rotators.
The B300 offers Getac's exclusive QuadraClear[TM] Technology with touchscreen, which utilizes special anti-reflective coatings, linear and circular polarizers and a 1200 nit LED display for optimal viewability in direct sunlight.