lost-wax casting

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lost-wax casting:

see cire perduecire perdue
[Fr.,=lost wax], sculptural process of metal casting that may be used for hollow and solid casting. The sculptor makes a model in plaster or clay that is then coated with wax. This model is then covered with a perforated plaster or clay mold.
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It showcases cunning bamboo baskets crafted by the Nagas, a tribe of fierce former headhunters from fareastern India, cire-perdu (known as lost wax) brass and metal statues from the central Bastar region, and clay bas reliefs traditionally crafted by women in the nearby Chhatisgarh area.
These include the Warka Vase of 3100 BC; gold decoration from the reconstructed lyre of Ur; the Lion of Nimrud (Phoenician, 850 BC); the cire-perdu statue of King Entemena of Lagash (c.