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(stone chest), a rectangular burial structure consisting of upright stone slabs supporting several roofing slabs. Cists were widely used during the Bronze Age and were associated with different archaeological cultures. They were used for individual and group burials. Barrows were sometimes constructed over the cists. In the USSR, the burial tradition in cists is evident in almost all regions of the Caucasus (until the 19th century in the northern Caucasus) and also in the Crimea, where it was most characteristic of the Tauri. The cists of the Tauri (second half of the first millennium b.c.) contain flexed collective burials; bronze ornaments and beads were found in the burials.


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cistvaen, kistvaen

A Celtic sepulchral chamber of flat stones set together like a box, and covered by a tumulus.
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An example of difficulties caused by this imprecision is that it cannot be ascertained which bones were found north and south of cist A and whether or not they represented separate burials (see Fig.
The most recent date was obtained from a cist within a circle, burial 3 (AD 591-647), which also contained the widest variety and largest quantity of pottery.
Cists are common in the south-west of England and elsewhere, with 200 known on Dartmoor alone, but they are rarely found with their original contents.
The burial was placed on a natural layer of sand within a large cist constructed from sandstone slabs.
His explorations in parts of Palakkad, Wayanad and Idukki have yielded a large number of port-holed cists, dolmens, menhirs, iron implements, etc.
Artefact finds are rare in this grave group: cist of grave 1 yielded a pointed bone object and an artefact of local flint, supposedly an arrowhead (Friedenthal 1927, fig.
Meri Huws, Comisiynydd y Gymraeg, fydd yn llenwi Cist Amser Pethe, a bydd y dramodydd Aled Jones-Williams mewn labordy, yn cael profiad theatrig tra gwahanol.
The latest cist burial discovery was during a recent survey by English Heritage to measure the rate of erosion along the Northumbrian coast and the threat this poses to archaeology sites.
15pm) Faint o arian allwch chi wneud drwy werthu pethau mewn Sel Cist Car?
At Begash, carbonised seeds of broomcorn millet and wheat were recovered through systematic flotation of soils from a cremation burial cist and from an associated funerary fire-pit.
However, investments include reopening the Coire na Cist chairlift, which has been closed for eight years.