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(stone chest), a rectangular burial structure consisting of upright stone slabs supporting several roofing slabs. Cists were widely used during the Bronze Age and were associated with different archaeological cultures. They were used for individual and group burials. Barrows were sometimes constructed over the cists. In the USSR, the burial tradition in cists is evident in almost all regions of the Caucasus (until the 19th century in the northern Caucasus) and also in the Crimea, where it was most characteristic of the Tauri. The cists of the Tauri (second half of the first millennium b.c.) contain flexed collective burials; bronze ornaments and beads were found in the burials.


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cistvaen, kistvaen

A Celtic sepulchral chamber of flat stones set together like a box, and covered by a tumulus.
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By contrast, for other mountain chains, the abundance of cromlechs contrasted with fewer dolmens or cists, as in the case of east Gipuzkoa (Fig.
The cists were roughly north-south in orientation, but varied in terms of construction: some were of stacked and some of vertical limestone slabs and some perhaps of granite stones.
LA Some supp view 1960 mind are whit cists in t intoleran ence tha think wom similarly lowly people who aren I know.
Besides being contrary to the spirit behind the creation of the Cists, as regards broadening their inter-sectorial nature, this has also meant that they end up by reproducing the agenda of the health committee (13).
Since the 1980s Bronze Age stone-lined burial pits called cists have been exposed lodged in the cliff-side at Low Hauxley on Druridge Bay, Northumberland, as the shoreline gradually erodes.
At the back, there were two small stone cists with an individual child burial.
Cists are common in the south-west of England and elsewhere, with 200 known on Dartmoor alone, but they are rarely found with their original contents.
An increasing number of physicians, pharma cists and other medical practitioners are seeking more education regarding homeopathic medicines.
It was a disaster for the town, and guaranteed that wherever I went, the first statement I heard was ' Oh, they're all raS cists, aren't they?
Tenders are invited for Notice Inviting Tender For Execution Of Work At Megalithic Cists And Cairns At Karai Archaeological Survey Of India Thanjavur Sub Circle Chennai Circle
Ten years later the sea exposed two more cists, each with a beaker.